2 Feb

OpenShot needs your help to make the next version (1.3.0) the very best it can be! We need native language speakers of all languages (except English), to help translate OpenShot.

It requires no special software or special skills, other than speaking both English and your native language. All you need is a web browser and to follow these steps:

Translate OpenShot:
Step 1: Login or Register on LaunchPad

Translate Help Manual:

Remember, the translations for OpenShot and the Help Manual are located on different pages and each have their own link above. Also, please do not use Google Translate or some other automated translation system. If you do not speak the language, please do not offer translations for it. =)

LaunchPad will show you the translation for your default language. If you are seeing the wrong language, please change your default language in your LaunchPad profile. If there is no translation for your default language, LaunchPad will create one.

This is a great way to participate in open-source, without knowing how to program. So, I hope we can see OpenShot translated into lots of languages! Good luck and thank you in advance!