4 Oct

I have two more features to announce today. Some of you might have already noticed these (maybe even used them), but here is the official announcement.

Static Timeline
You asked for it, and here it is. The timeline ruler no longer scrolls with the timeline. It is now static, and is always in view, no matter where you scroll the timeline. A few other fixes to scrolling are included in this feature, and it just feels much more natural now.

[Example of the static timeline, halfway scrolled down]

Simple Export Options
Thanks to the help of lots of readers / contributors, a lot of work from Helen and Andy, we now have a "simple" way to choose export options. Before, you had to know all the specifics of a format, codec, supported bit rate, etc... Now you just have to click a few drop-downs and boom... you have a video! =)

[This screen shows the new simple export options]

DEB and PPA Improvements
We have fixed a bug where the DEB installers were not removing all of their files during an uninstall (specifically the Python bindings for MLT), and the PPA was unaware of these remaining rogue files. This has been addressed in two places. I have updated all 6 of our MLT dependency DEB files to include a new post-remove script. And the PPA now has a pre-install script that checks for these files and removes them. So, if you installed OpenShot as both a DEB and a PPA, and OpenShot will not start, please try and use the PPA again. It should work now.

Source Code Tarball
Our download page now has a new option, source code tarball. It contains an exact copy of our bzr branch. I will update this tarball periodically, just like the .DEB installers. This is really only intended for people packaging OpenShot, and not for the average user. Also, this tarball doesn't contain the dependencies, so OpenShot will only work if it has all it's dependencies installed (especially the MLT Python bindings).