5 Oct

In the following screencast I demonstrate how to use the chroma-key effect in OpenShot Video Editor. Watch me create the newest demo video (also shown below).

In this video, you will also see our 2 new features, our static timeline and simple export options. I created this screencast with version 0.9.43 of OpenShot, and used gtk-recordMyDesktop.
Here is the demo video I created in the above screencast. I used the simple export setting "Vimeo-HD" to create this video.

If you get the itch to create your own screencast of OpenShot, please let me know so I can link to it from this website. =)

I need to stop blogging now and get back to my email. It's overflowing at the moment. If you are waiting on me to respond to one of your emails, please be patient. Thanks!