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10 Jul

Here is a quick update for everyone following this project. I am working on an prototype timeline, using the Gnome canvas, GTK, and Python. So far my "prototype first" methodology seems to be playing out nicely. It is allowing me to quickly test out various libraries, GUI techniques, and design patterns, while allowing me to ...

12 Jun

I have completed my first real Python program, which is a video / audio file inspector (and player). Simply download the source code, and run the "" script to start the program.

Click here to download the source code.

Here is a screen shot of my program:

This program has accomplished 2 important things for ...

1 Jun

I've spent the past few weeks putting together a working Python example, which allows a user to select a media file (audio or video) and display all the various information I can find (such as height, width, duration, position, frames per second, codec, etc...). One of my blog readers informed me of a module ...

27 May

The Gstreamer framework is multi-threaded, which means it runs in a different thread (or many threads)... and thus you can not directly communicate with it via Python. Requests have to be sent to the pipeline, and they are completed as soon as possible. However, it goes both ways. When Gstreamer wants to communicate with your ...

20 May

Here is my first mockup of a timeline for my open-source, Linux-based, non-linear video editor... which still remains unnamed. I imagine I will make countless changes to this mockup, but I just wanted to share the first of many. Click on the image for a larger version.

20 May

While trying to complete my video / media inspector demo program (in Python of course), I got sidetracked playing with Gnonlin. Gnonlin is a plug-in for Gstreamer which helps layout and prioritize video and audio clips on a timeline. It was designed to help people like me make non-linear video / audio editors. So, I figured I ...