7 Sep

Here is a quick update for all the anxious OpenShot users out there. Version 1.2 is shaping up nicely, with a ton of fixes, enhancements, and new features. This new version is easier to use, more feature packed, faster, and more stable than ever before.

We have completed 42 tickets on LaunchPad so far, and many of those tickets were quite complex. There are only a few small details remaining, but mostly just testing, documentation, and translations.

Which brings me to... Translations! There are many new English words and phrases that have been added to OpenShot, and they need to be translated to your favorite language as soon as possible!

Translating OpenShot is one of the easiest ways to contribute. All you need is a web browser, a free LaunchPad account, and thats it! Still not sure how it works? Let me give you the step by step:

Step 1) Login to LaunchPad (or create an account)
Step 3) Click on your language, and begin translating one phrase at a time. Be sure to filter the list of phrases to only show "untranslated items".
Step 4) Enjoy the good feeling of helping an open-source project!

The faster these phrases are translated, the faster we can release version 1.2. So, please share the link with others and help us out!

Themes, Titles, and 3D Animations
Are translations not your thing? Only know a single language but still want to help out? Well, we are looking for new themes, SVG title templates, and of course Blender 3D animated title templates. If you have a possible contribution in these categories, please attach a compressed file with your work to the following LaunchPad ticket. Just imagine how cool you will be once we showcase and distribute your artwork around the world with OpenShot. Okay, so you wont be any cooler, but you will be appreciated by me!
  • Themes - OpenShot can be completely skinned and themed. To create a new theme, simply find the /openshot/themes/blue_glass/ folder on your computer (assuming you have OpenShot installed) and make a copy and start modifying it.
  • Titles - Title templates are just simple SVG images that can be created with Inkscape (or any other image application capable of saving in SVG format). If you can come up with original templates (very subjective I know), we will include them.
  • 3D Animations - If you are a talented Blender user, we are also looking for slick text / title animations. The .blend file (version 2.5 required) is all we need, and we'll even hook up the Python automation for you. All we need are some original and awesome Blender animations with text objects.
I am looking forward to see what you will come up with. Just remember to attach your work as a compressed file to the LaunchPad ticket mentioned above, and we will take a look. Thanks as usual for the support, and I'll post another update soon as this release comes to an end.