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23 Syy

I have just learned a few more tricks on how to best work with GTK and Python. First, let me start at the beginning. After you create a Glade file (If you don't know what Glade is, read this), the next step is to create the Python code to load the Glade file (i ...

18 Syy

Have you ever wanted to change the drag icon on a GTK TreeView control using Python? This sounds really easy, but in fact there is a trick to getting it to work correctly. Hopefully you have found this blog prior to spending 7 days searching for a solution (like I did).

I have posted a ...

12 Syy

If you have ever attempted to enable drag & drop with Python and GTK, then you've probably run into the same problem I did. When I would drop an item on a widget, it just would not fire off the signal handler. Very frustrating!!!

However, after some digging around, I found the solution. It ...

8 Syy

I haven't made a ton of progress over the last 30 days, due to my "paying" job and my family obligations, however, I'm hopeful that September will be more productive. Here are my goals for September:

Goal 1) Finish integrating my smaller test projects into the final OpenShot code base.
Goal 2) Complete ...

8 Syy

After months of brainstorming, I have finally decided on an official name for this project: OpenShot Video Editor. Open stands for open-source, and Shot stands for a single cinematic take.

Here is my first draft of the logo. Expect the final product to include a theme that borrows heavily from this logo's colors and ...

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