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OpenShot has two methods for fading a clip in and out. You can drag and drop a transition onto the timeline, overlapping the edge of a clip. Or you can open the clip properties dialog, and set the video fade in / out.

The benefit of using transitions is the flexibility to use different wipe designs and patterns. The benefit from setting the clip fade in / out properties is the fade belongs to the clip. If you move the clip, the fade moves with it (very nice).

With OpenShot 1.1, we have introduced a new "easier" way to fade clips. Simply right-click on a clip (video, image, or audio), and choose an option from the "Fade" menu.

[Fade menu: quickly fade clips in and out]

The fade menu will set both the video and audio fade in / out. In other words, it will fade the clip to transparent, and the audio volume to zero (and vice versa). This is really just a quick way to set the fade clip properties. They can still be adjusted on the clip properties screen.

This is just one of the many new features in version 1.1 of OpenShot. Stay tuned, because we have much more news about the 1.1 release coming soon.