21 Syy

OpenShot Video Editor continues to gain popularity, even though we haven't released an "official" version yet. We just recently exceeded 10,000 downloads of our new .DEB installers!!! I think the message is loud and clear. People want a video editor that actually works on Linux!

I wanted to share a chart of our download stats with everyone. I thought you might find it interesting how our downloads break-down between the various versions of Ubuntu, and between 32 & 64 bit CPU architectures. As you can see, Ubuntu 9.04 is easily the most popular target for OpenShot.

[Click to enlarge the graph]

As a "thank you" to all the supporters, I have updated the main installer file (openshot.deb) from version 0.9.22 to 0.9.34. There are a ton of bug fixes, and the project has been re-factored a bit to simplify packaging. Also, we have moved some of our "writable" files to an ".openshot" folder in the home directory.

There are a few new features hidden in this version which I will be blogging about over the next few days (as I find time). Also, I have some big news on the PPA front, but you will have to wait for that news as well. =)

Thanks for the strong support everyone! Please keep spreading the word about OpenShot, and we'll keep developing new features. Deal?