Архіви Червень 2009

30 Чер

OpenShot is still a young project, and not many people have heard about it. That's why I'm so excited that a nice story was posted (in French) on www.sum-up.fr. Thanks to Cenwen for putting this together. I really appreciate the help in "spreading the word"!

If anyone else has posted an ...

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29 Чер

As you might (or might not) have noticed, there are a few new buttons at the top of www.OpenShotVideo.com. I'm hoping this helps new users get more information about OpenShot much quicker than skimming through a blog.

You might also have noticed the "Videos" button. Today I have published the first ever ...

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22 Чер

Here is our final feature announcement in our 4 for 4 special: a much improved timeline and new video play-back controls. Many of these features are based on comments and feature requests I've received on this blog. I do listen to all suggestions, so keep them coming! =)

Timeline Improvements:

  • Video thread is now initialized ...

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21 Чер

The 3rd new feature in our 4 for 4 special is the Export Video dialog!!! This is no ordinary video export screen, but rather a complete set of video, audio, and image encoding features!

[screenshot of export dialog - default view]

In no particular order, here are the details:
  • Export options: "Video & Audio" or "Image ...

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20 Чер

Here comes the 2nd new feature in our 4 for 4 special, a shiny, new title editor!!! Title editors are an important feature in video editors, but rarely have the power of full-featured vector graphics programs. We've attempted to find a middle ground: a simple title template system (using a standard image format: SVG ...

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19 Чер

I am proud to announce that OpenShot Video Editor now supports video transitions! Thanks to the awesome MLT video framework, it didn't take much time to knock out these features. TIP: Click any screenshot to view a larger version.

[example frames from a transition]

For the first time, OpenShot is really showing off the ...

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18 Чер

I have some really exciting new features I am going to be announcing over the next 4 days (starting tonight at 12 AM CST (GMT-6)! Over the past 4 weeks I have received many feature requests, bug reports, and suggestions. I have listened to your suggestions and worked very hard to bring you lots of ...

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