Архіви Липень 2009

31 Лип

The Blender Open Movie project has officially started taking pre-orders for their next movie, Durian! If you want to have your name appear in the credits you must pre-order before September 15th.

Of course, your money is used to help offset the cost of producing the film, and in return you will receive 3 DVDs ...

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29 Лип

Now that we have added in the ability for key-frame animation with OpenShot, it's only logical that we make it better and faster, right? Announcing Pre-set Animations!

What is a pre-set animation?

It's really quite simple. It's just a key-frame animation that has a simple name, and is already done for you ...

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23 Лип

If you are reading this blog, then you probably understand the state of video editors on Linux. There are many video editors, but they are either buggy, ugly, incompatible, abandoned collecting dust, or in perpetual development.

You've heard all of the excuses, "It's too complicated for volunteers", "The libraries just aren't ready ...

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17 Лип

The last of my feature announcements is some additional video clip settings that enables all sorts of strange and wonderful things.

[Additional video clip settings - on clip properties window]

Video Settings
  • Fill - Make a clip fit the screen (without changing the aspect ratio)
  • Distort - Make a clip fill the screen (edge to edge, no matter ...

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16 Лип

I have worked really hard, and I am now granting you the ability to slow down and speed up time! With great power comes great responsibility... Actually, you can only slow down and speed up videos... not time in general.

[OpenShot speed settings for a clip]

You can choose between 1/16 speed all the ...

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15 Лип

Have you ever wanted to separate the audio from a video clip, chop it up, move it around the timeline as just an audio clip?

This is actually quite easy in OpenShot. It's accomplished by duplicating a clip, and then clicking the 'Hide Video' toggle button. So long as the video is hidden, it ...

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14 Лип

[Animated title - moving from top-left to center]

I'm sure you can tell by the title what this feature is all about! Key-Frames! Don't know what a key-frame is? No problem. Check out the definition:

A key frame in animation and filmmaking is a drawing that defines the starting and ending points of ...

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13 Лип

Ladies & Gentlemen, I have so many new & exciting feature announcements, that I have decided to do another feature marathon!!! Starting tonight at 12:00 AM (CST / GMT-6), I will be revealing the first of 4 new features! These are big-time features that OpenShot was missing... until now. Oh yeah, I will also be ...

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8 Лип

A new version of the OpenShot Build Wizard is now available that supports AVCHD, H.264, AAC, and MTS. Download the newest version of the build wizard, 1.0.3, and use FFmpeg option 3 (on the step that has three options).

This will download the newest FFmpeg and x264 libraries, and will make the ...

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7 Лип

We have added a new menu item for clips (video, image, audio, and image sequence) called "Duplicate". It makes an identical clip on the timeline (every property is preserved, including IN and OUT settings).

Here is the new clip menu:

Transitions have also received the "Duplicate" menu item. It creates an identical transition (or mask ...

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